Fort Worth - Colorful 5K Run- September 11, 2016 Graffiti Run

Oblivious to Labor Day law, you arrive at the starting line in all the white clothing you can find in your closet: white shirt (mandatory), white shorts (not mandatory, yet encouraged), white socks (are there any other kind?), white cape (yes!), white tuxedo (you should save that for your wedding). In your white duds you take off from the starting line like a pristine canvas, ready to become a beautiful, jogging piece of art. Throughout the course you encounter “Graffiti Zones” where our diabolical team of volunteers, staff, sponsors and leprechauns will douse you with COLOR. First green, then red, then orange, then pink, then purple and then at the finish line a grand finale of color that will leave you feeling (and looking) like you just traveled the most colorful three miles of your life.

The fun doesn’t stop there! After you run our course we reward your fun accomplishment with an awesome Graffiti Party! In this Graffiti Party we will have music and dancing, but to make the party truly memorable we will host 4 Color Throws at 9:45, 10:15, 10:30, and 11am. A color throw consists of everyone banding together to throw their colored powder into the air at one time, seeing so much color in the air at once as the color slowly drifts down to douse you is an experience in itself but we want to give you more! In addition to all of our party participants throwing their color, we bust out our “Graffiti Cannons”, these great contraptions shoot tons of color at once making an already colorful day even more so! So come on out to The Graffiti Run, we have color waiting for you!

Starting Online Price – $35
Event Day Price – $55

Children’s (Age 10 and Under) Price – $15
Children’s (Age 10 and Under) Walk up Price – $20

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Race Info:

The Graffiti Run (Color Run) will start at 9am with the final wave being sent out at 10:00am. Runners will be sent out in waves every 30 minutes. When you are done with the run, enjoy yourself at our after party to bask in your colorful accomplishment with great music and dancing (great dancing is not guaranteed)!

We suggest you arrive at least 30 minutes beforehand so you can get situated along with enjoying the company you bring, also this will ensure you begin your Graffiti Run experience exactly when you want to.

What To Bring To Packet Pickup:

Signed Waiver

What To Bring To The Race:

$5 for Parking (per car)
Waiver (If you didn’t go to Packet Pickup)
ID (If you didn’t go to Packet Pickup)

Athletic Shoes
White Shirt (preferred, and we’ll provide one)
Fun Personality
The drive to DANCE!

We HIGHLY recommend that you pick-up your packet at our Packet Pick-Up before the event. This will allow you to skip the long check-in lines on race-day and mosey right on over to the start line!

Packet pickup info will be announced soon!

Be sure to bring your Waiver

Charity info will be announced soon!

We are looking for volunteers to help us make the event run smoothly! The Graffiti Run is a fun and exciting community service opportunity for individuals or small groups. It is also a fantastic fundraising opportunity for larger groups (25+ volunteers). You can join our Graffiti Squad, man the water stations or volunteer at the post party. Check out the volunteer descriptions below and then click a link to register to volunteer at The Graffiti Run!

To volunteer for this run, simply select the quantity of volunteers you are signing up for in the “Volunteer” option above and then hit the “Register” button!


GRAFFITI SQUAD – So you think you have what it takes to throw color in one of our four Color Zones and be a part of the Graffiti Squad? We’ll see about that! Do you have the desire to donate your time, energy, and special powers to the noble cause of drenching every Graffiti Runner you encounter with as much color as possible? Do you have the skill to apply said color strictly below the neck of our Graffiti Runners, ensuring only minimal color hits their precious faces? Are you prepared to be covered yourself in beautiful color (because the Graffiti Squad is no place for chromophobes)? Did you stand up and scream “YES!” to every one of these questions? If so, there just might be a place on the Graffiti Squad for you. GRAFFITI SQUAD ASSEMBLE!

Hours – Usually, no later than 7:00am -11:30am

H20 SQUAD – Yes, our colorful participants will be running and therefore will also be thirsty. If you want to be the most desired volunteer out on the course then the H20 SQUAD is for you. It will be up to our H20 squad to keep the color craziness moving and hydrated by distributing water to runners as they pass by. Please keep in mind you will also be responsible for clean up of the water bottles in your section.

Hours – Usually, no later than 7:00am -11:00am

REGISTRATION/CHECK-IN – You Shall Not Pass! That is right, no one will be admitted to run the Graffiti Run the day of the event without coming to see YOU or your team! Here, you will be responsible for collecting waivers, checking ID’s, checking for completion of registration, administrating bibs/shirts & delegating any hard questions to the race director present in your area. Sounds hard, but really isn’t!

Hours – Usually, no later than 7:00am -11:00am

STORE/COLOR PACK – This group will be responsible for distributing the Graffiti Run Gear and Graffiti Packs to participants at the end of the race!

Hours – Usually, no later than 7:00am -11:00am


PRE-PACKET PICK-UP – This is just like Registration/Check-In duties, but this will be on the day BEFORE the race, so you can still run for the discounted price. You must volunteer the entire time t packet pickup in order to earn the discounted price.

Hours – This varies and depends if there is a packet pick up in the city or not.