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A Graffiti Runner’s Success Story

Posted March 6, 2015

The Graffiti Run is not just about getting colored and having a blast – it’s also an opportunity to change your life.

Evie and her sister decided to do just that after they volunteered for The Graffiti Run’s St. Louis event in 2014. Originally members of the Graffiti Squad’s green color thrower team, the duo was inspired as a result to run more 5K events throughout the year. This was the beginning of a phenomenal journey of weight loss for Evie’s sister.

Evie tells the whole story:

“My younger sister, and also my client (I’m her personal trainer), started her amazing transformation last year, in St. Louis, MO at the Graffiti Run. We were volunteers at the “green” station and had a TON of fun. I signed us up as volunteers for the Graffiti Run and then soon we were both running in several other 5k events.

“This year, we will be participants in the St. Louis Graffiti Run. This will mark an emotional and significant milestone in her weight loss journey, bringing full circle her year of remarkable success. Just last night, she shared the attached picture with me. You can see the difference a year has made!! Her message to me said: “Can’t wait to RUN IT this year!” She looks forward to taking the official 1-year comparison photos at the race.

“I am so proud of her, and had to share this with you. She continues to amaze me, and also inspire others around her. -I would love it if somehow, someway, she could be recognized for her transformation at the 2015 Graffiti Run, St. Louis race day. After all, she started this journey (and now found love for running) last year, 2014, at the Graffiti Run!”

The Graffiti Run continues to inspire both runners and runners-to-be nationwide by combining the love of fitness with the love for color and family-friendly fun. Evie and her sister are just some of the hundreds of thousands of people that can discover the spark of color needed to begin their weight loss revolution.

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