Man Starts 200-lb Weight Loss Goal with The Graffiti Run 

Man Starts 200-lb Weight Loss Goal with The Graffiti Run

Oscar Harvey did not want to give up.

Just a month ago, the recently retired man from Indianapolis weighed himself at around 450 pounds. Starting in 2016, Oscar is setting a goal for himself to turn his life around. On January 23rd, he decided to undergo revision weight loss surgery and as of today has lost 44 pounds, currently weighing 406.

He plans to lose another 206 in exactly a year from now, starting with The Graffiti Run.

In an effort “to do different things like this to help me get healthier,” Oscar says he will run at the colorful 5K in Indianapolis on April 30. Oscar plans to not only run a few miles at the event but also have a colorful time – which is why he is excited for this particular 5K.

“I think this is going to be one of my favorite runs just because of all the color,” he says, and that although he is not confident he will be able to run during the entire 3-mile course, “I will try to walk very quickly”. Luckily, The Graffiti Run allows people to freely run or walk at any pace along the colorful trail.

However, what’s just as important besides losing weight according to Oscar is to “have fun and meet and see new people.” The Graffiti Run in Indianapolis will be a great opportunity for him to meet runners with similar goals in mind. Oscar currently plans to run with a group of friends and others who will support him during the upcoming 5K. Even if he ends up running alone, he says he “will do it by myself for myself”.

It just goes to show that every person has their own ambitions, no matter how big or small, when it comes to The Graffiti Run.

UPDATE – May 2nd, 2016:

Oscar Harvey, previously 450 pounds at the start of 2016, made a dedicated effort to lose half his weight by next year.

On March 23rd (the publishing date of this post), he lost 44 pounds, and as of the Indianapolis 5K event, he has now lost over 80 pounds.

Sadly, he was unable to run in the 2016 race due to a tragic loss. However, his efforts so far have definitely sent a strong message to many others out there with dreams of changing their lives. Regardless of whether or not he ran our 5K, we all are still, to say the least, ‪inspired by Oscar‬.