What if I am not an avid runner and not used to running 5k? Can I still get my Graffiti Run on?

Absolutely! The Graffiti Run is all about fun and color. Feel free to run, walk, crawl, or summersault your way through the color craziness.

What is included in my Graffiti Run registration?

Graffiti Runners will receive a custom Graffiti Run t-shirt, an awesome Graffiti Run headband or sunglasses, and a bag of color to use at the post-race color party. We will also provide water.

Do you donate to a charity or good cause?

We sure do. Each Graffiti Run donates a portion of proceeds to local charities. Everything from scholarship funds to Special Olympics to city cleanup/beautification projects and everything in-between. We are all about beauty here at the Graffiti Run. Beautiful color on our participants and the beautiful causes of our local charitable partners.

Can I run with my kids?

You can only bring your kids along if you want to be considered the coolest parent in the neighborhood. Children under six do not require a registration. However, if you want the wee one to have a bib, t-shirt and head band then, yes, they need to register. Please note, regardless of age each person out on the course needs to have a waiver turned in.

What if my child is too young to run? How about a jogging stroller?

Sure! As long as you don’t mind it getting hit with color as your rock it through the run.

Is there an age limit for the Graffiti Run?

Nope. No age limit. You just need to be able to walk, run, or ride the three miles of color happiness. But remember, once that little guy or gal hits 6 they need to register and have a race bib.

Can I run with my dog? Is Rex invited?

While we love Rex, unfortunately he or she cannot attend the Graffiti Run. No dogs are allowed at the Graffiti Run.

Can I pick up my registration packet before race day?

Yep. The time and location is different for each city, so be sure to check your email inbox, our Facebook page and our website the weeks leading up to the run for packet pick-up information. If you do not make it to packet pick-up your race packet will be waiting for you on the day of the race at the Participant Check-In Tent (this line can get pretty long on race-day, so we recommend showing up at least thirty minutes early to pick up your packet the day of the race).

I can’t make it to the packet pickup! Is all lost? Can I send someone to grab my packet?

Yes you can! If a person has both your signed waiver and a photocopy of your ID (ID can be on paper or on a camera phone), that person can get your packet!

I think I signed a waiver online, do I need to sign another one to pick up my packet!

Yes. Yes you do. Seriously though, this policy is one of many put in place to make sure that the packet goes to where it should. So please bring your signed waiver!

Should I really wear all white?

As long as you are wearing a mostly white shirt at the starting line you are good-to-go. This shirt can certainly have your team name, logo, or any other graphic that inspires you. Remember, the more white you are wearing the more colorful you will be when you reach the finish line and, therefore, the happier your outlook on life will become.

Does the color hurt when applied?

No it doesn’t hurt! Come on! Next question…

No, seriously! It looks like it hurts!

Do I sound like I would lie to you? It doesn’t hurt. The color is tossed onto you by our loyal team of leprechauns and it is comparable to getting hit with a hand-full of flour. Remember that time you got hit with all of that flour? Did it hurt? I didn’t think so!

Will the color ruin my clothes or shoes?

Okay, this is a more reasonable question. Most of the color will wash out of your clothing with a good-old-fashioned clothes washing. As with traditional brown dirt, the quicker you wash the clothing the better. However, we recommend that you wear clothing that you do not mind becoming at least a little colorful. Also, if you’d like to try to salvage the colors on your clothing we’ve heard reports of the following method working well: spray the colorful clothes with vinegar, iron, and wash.

Will the color turn me into a rainbow powered super-hero or have any other awesome or not-so-awesome side effects?

That would be awesome, but unfortunately the color is 100% safe and does not have any negative (or amazing) side effects. As with any substance, it is best to not get it in your eyes and our special team of color administrators have been taught to aim for the midriff and not the face. Some Graffiti Runners wear protective eye wear and/or a bandana around their face to be on the extra cautious side.

What is the color in The Graffiti Run?

The color powder at The Graffiti Run is simply the single most powerful source of happiness on the planet. You need more details? Fine. Our color powder is a non-toxic, non-rash inducing corn starch based product. It is 100% natural and safe.

I love being colorful, but how do I get it off after the race?

We will have air blown color cleaning stations near the finish line. With a good blow dry, you aren’t 100% clean, but it’s close enough for rock n’ roll and you are good for the car ride home.

Will the color stain the inside of my car?

Most people bring some towels to sit on to protect their precious car seats. Just think about it as a trip to the beach. What would you do to protect your car from multi-colored sand? Just do that and the inside of your car will remain its usual, boring, non-colorful self.

Can spectators attend the post-race color party?

Yes! The more colorful people the better. We will have color powder packets available to purchase on a first come/first serve basis until we sell out. However, spectators should be warned that the color at the post-party cannot tell the difference between a spectator and a Graffiti Runner…so they should be prepared to become colorful!

Is there actual graffiti at the Graffiti Run?

The only “graffiti” occurs when our volunteers paint you with our joyous color powder. No spray paint is involved in anyway and no actual graffiti or vandalism will occur at the event.

Are cameras or phones allowed in the Graffiti Zones/post-race Color Bash?

They are certainly allowed. Do we recommend them? Well, we’ll just say that our cameras are placed about 20-30 feet away from the color fun. If you want to get pictures right in the middle of the color action we recommend a plastic wrap of some sort to protect your phone/camera.

Is the Graffiti Run timed?

The Graffiti Run is not timed. We encourage you to take your time during the most colorful 5K out there and enjoy the color madness with your friends and family. You are certainly free to wear a watch to track your race time…that is assuming you can read your watch through the inevitable layers of color powder.

How do the post-race “color throws” work?

At the Post-Race Color Party the crowd will do a “color throw” every 15 minutes or so. A “color throw” consists of an old-school “3-2-1” countdown, which leads to thousands of people throwing Graffiti Run color powder into the sky. Believe me – it looks a lot more amazing than it sounds. Each participant will receive one bag of color with their registration and can purchase additional bags at the start line and/or finish line.

Will there be a bag check at the Graffiti Run?

There will not be a bag check or lockers at the Graffiti Run. You will need to store your change of clothes/towel/other belongings in your car or with a spectator who is not participating in the race.

Is there any way to run the Graffiti Run for free?

What do we look like, a free Graffiti Run registration store???

Actually, there is.

You can run for free IF you volunteer at our pre-race set-up or packet pick up and commit to the full time allotted for the work. You can volunteer on behalf of yourself or someone else but one volunteer job only equates to one registration. The spots open are limited for pre race set up and packet pick up. To see when a volunteer position opens for a city just check graffitirun.com under involvement!

If I am unable to make it to the Graffiti Run can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, we cannot issue refunds for the Graffiti Run. The logistics of setting up and planning the event make it impossible. Please just make sure you are good to go before signing up! However, you can transfer a registration to another person (see next question).

How do I transfer my Graffiti Run registration to another person?

You can transfer your registration to another person for a $3.00. Login to your account on https://runsignup.com/profile, select “My Registered Races” and then select “Edit/View Registration” for the registration you’d like  to transfer.


How do Graffiti Run Teams work?

A Graffiti Run team is simply a collection of Graffiti Run participants who register under the same team name. The main benefit of a Graffiti Run Team is it makes it simpler to recruit friends and to view your team members’ registration status (incomplete or complete) through your RaceIt account. You also get the chance to constantly perform your awesome team chants and battle cries during the race.  The minimum number of team members is one. Yes. You can be on a team by yourself. Go team you! However, if you have a team of 4+ you can save $5 on your registration (select the “Group Discount” option when registering to receive the discount).

How do I redeem my Living Social, GroupOn, or other coupon?

Visit our site at TheGraffitiRun.com and go to the “Locations” page.  Then select the event location that you bought the Groupon/Living Social for.  Click the “Register Now” button in the middle of the page. Then select the registration option that applies to you. (ex: Individual Registration)

Fill out the forms and be sure to enter your Groupon/Living Social voucher code that was emailed to you by Groupon/Living Social.  (ex: LS123456)  This code will be entered on the checkout page under the section “discount code”.  Be sure to click apply.  This will give you 100% off on Registration.  *IMPORTANT* Only register one person at a time.  This is the only way to apply your Groupon/Living Social voucher code.

My GroupOn/Living Social code isn’t working! What do I do now?

Panic. Just kidding.

First if you have a Living Social and it comes up as invalid or expired check to make sure you are using the right code. Living Social can be a little confusing but most codes begin with LS and is followed by digits.

Example: LS123456

If you have the right code whether it’s Living Social or GroupOn and it’s giving you issues please email support@thegraffitirun.com with the city you are running and the codes that are giving you issues.

I have other problems! How do I contact you?

Just follow this spiffy link.