Oblivious to Labor Day law, you arrive at the starting line in all the white clothing you can find in your closet: white shirt (mandatory), white shorts (not mandatory, yet encouraged), white socks (are there any other kind?), white cape (yes!), white tuxedo (you should save that for your wedding). In your white duds you take off from the starting line like a pristine canvas, ready to become a beautiful, jogging piece of art. Throughout the course you encounter “Graffiti Zones” where our diabolical team of volunteers, staff, sponsors and leprechauns will douse you with COLOR. First green, then red, then orange, then pink, then purple and then at the finish line a grand finale of color that will leave you feeling (and looking) like you just traveled the most colorful three miles of your life.
Starting Price – $35
Starting On 3/21/14 – $40
Starting On 4/4/14 – $45
Starting On 4/18/14 – $50

Race Info:

The Graffiti Run will start at 9am with the final wave being sent out at 10:00am. Runners will be sent out in waves every 30 minutes. When you are done with the run, enjoy yourself at our after party to bask in your colorful accomplishment with great music and dancing (great dancing is not guaranteed)!

We suggest you arrive at least 30 minutes beforehand so you can get situated along with enjoying the company you bring, also this will ensure you begin your Graffiti Run experience exactly when you want to.

What To Bring To Packet Pickup:

Signed Waiver

What To Bring To The Race:

$5 for Parking (per car)
Waiver (If you didn’t go to Packet Pickup)
ID (If you didn’t go to Packet Pickup)

Athletic Shoes
White Shirt (preferred, and we’ll provide one)
Fun Personality
The drive to DANCE!


We HIGHLY recommend that you pick-up your packet at our Packet Pick-Up before the event. This will allow you to skip the long check-in lines on race-day and mosey right on over to the start line!

Packet Pick-Up for The Graffiti Run Indianapolis will take place at


Indiana State Fairgrounds
1202 E 38th St
Indianapolis, IN 46205

4-H Exhibit Hall

Friday April 25th: 12pm – 6pm

Saturday April 26th: 12pm – 6pm

Please Note – Do not forget to bring your ID and signed waiver. If you are picking up a packet for someone else, you will need a copy (picture text or photo copy) of their ID and their signed waiver.

Waiver: https://www.thegraffitirun.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/The-Graffiti-Run-Participant-Waiver-2012.pdf


The Graffiti Run Indianapolis is proud to donate to the charity “Give Hope, Fight Poverty”. They go to places like Swaziland, Africa to provide HIV education to orphans of impoverished AIDS – ravaged villages.

Donate Now!

Want to be a part of the Graffiti Run but don’t feel like jogging? Join the Graffiti Squad and pelt people with color; join the Registration team and help check in the soon to be colorful Graffiti Runners on race-day; or join one of the pre-race volunteer opportunities to help us setup the event on 4/26/13!